Product Information

  • Design
  • Care Instructions
  • Sustainability
  • LED Lighting


The original Re-sink designs redefine the bathroom experience becoming a light fixture. With their organic shapes, LED lighting and versatility in color, they set a new standard in lavatory design.

Re-sink is proudly made in Italy using a non-industrial process. Each mold is hand filled and discharged, ensuring that every sink, although quite sleek, has slight differences and variations in transparency. This gives each re-sink its own identity.

Care Instructions

You should have the same care for your Re-sink as you would for marble. Avoid alkaline products such as ammonia or caustic soda, and descaling products, which could dull the surface.

To clean your Re-sink after each use, simply wipe with a soft cloth. To clean it after extended usage, use water and liquid detergent, wipe with a soft cloth.

For particularly heavy calcium deposit stains, white vinegar dissolved in hot water or professional products for calcium deposit can be employed, you must make sure the sink is rinsed with water and wiped with a soft cloth after using any of these products.

Do not use powder detergents, nor abrasive sponges, which could scratch the surface of the sink. In case of a clogged drainpipe, use a funnel to pour the drain cleaner (declogger), to avoid contact with the resin surface.


The manufacturer certifies that the material used for the fabrication of Re-sink products is liquid at birth and is applied as a poured substance. Once the material solidifies by catalysis, it does no emit any gas, since it remains inert. The substance is fire proof (non flammable), and can be grinded and completely recycled.

LED Lighting

Re-sink is lit from within its cavity, hiding all electrical connections from sight. It utilizes UL Listed LED or RGB LED strips, which are provided and easy to install. The lights can be plugged-in using a conventional outlet or can be hardwired and connected to a home system.

The Ice finish can change colors using RGB LED lighting to cover the full spectrum. Colors can be set to remain on any combination of red, green, and blue; can be dimmed, or change on rotation or on demand.